Foundations of C# Programming and the .NET Framework

 Format: Classroom, Online, Onsite | Durada: 5 dies

Descripció general

En aquest curs, es presenta al marc .NET a través d’una visió general d’idiomes, biblioteques, serveis i eines. Aprendrà els fonaments del llenguatge C #. Des el bàsic fins a les funcions més avançades, com genèrics, classes parcials, classes estàtiques, qualificació global d’espais de noms, etc.

Objectius del curs

At the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Examine core language features such as types, variables, and control constructs
  • Use object-oriented features such as class, interface, protection, and inheritance
  • Perform error notification and error handling using exceptions
  • Use properties to implement the private data/public accessor pattern
  • Use namespaces to group related types
  • Use delegates and events to implement callbacks
  • Override Object class methods such as ToString
  • Avoid dll conflicts during deployment
  • Use dynamic binding and polymorphism to write generic code (i.e., less code!)
  • Distinguish between “implementation inheritance” and “interface inheritance”
  • Use ADO.NET to connect to SQL Server and run a simple query
  • Build a basic Windows Forms GUI

Dirigit a

Developers who:

  • Want to gain in-depth knowledge of the core C# language
  • Need a fast introduction to the .NET platform architecture
  • Would like an overview of how to navigate the .NET Framework class library


  • Working knowledge of at least one other high–level language.

The difficulty level is ideal for programmers coming from languages like VB6, Pascal, or C. Individuals with a mainframe or scripting background will find the course very challenging—you should study an introductory programming text before attending. If you have some C++ or Java experience, some material will be familiar, but the course will still be beneficial. Experienced C++ or Java programmers should move directly to Essential .NET.

Contingut del curs

  • .NET Overview
  • .NET Execution Model
  • Console Application
  • Dynamic-Link Library
  • Language Basics
  • Classes
  • Initialization
  • Properties
  • Static
  • Reference Types
  • Implementation Inheritance 1 and 2
  • Interface Inheritance
  • Object
  • Exceptions
  • Namespaces
  • Event Subscription
  • Windows Forms
  • Introduction to ADO.NET
  • Generics
  • String
  • Assemblies


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