ITIL Service Lifecycle: Service Design

Format: Classroom, Online, Onsite | Durada: 3 dies

Descripció general

El curs es basa en els principis coberts com a part del curs d’ITIL Foundation. Se centra en els aspectes del cicle de vida del disseny del servei. El curs abasta la gestió i el control de les activitats i tècniques dins de l’etapa de disseny del servei del cicle de vida, però no el detall de cada un dels processos de suport. Els detalls de nivell inferior dels processos de Disseny de serveis estan coberts principalment en els cursos sobre acords de serveis i planificació, protecció i optimització. A més, el curs examina el concepte dels principis de Disseny de Serveis i en les interfícies entre el Disseny de Serveis i les altres etapes del Cicle de Vida del Servei d’ITIL.

Objectius del curs

After completing this course students will be able to:
  • Provides a complete management-level overview of service design, including all its related activities.
  • Be prepared for the ITIL Service design examination

Certification Preparation

  • The Service design certificate in IT Service Management. The examination is a 90 minute paper with eight (8) multiple choice, scenario-based, gradient-scored questions normally taken at the end of the course. The pass mark is 28/40. The exam to be charged separately.
  • Please note you must bring a copy of your ITIL Foundation exam certificate, this is required in order for you to take the exam associated with this course.
  • On  successful completion of the course and passing of the subsequent exam 3 number of credits will be awarded by the examining institute.

Dirigit a

This course is primarily for IT Managers and Practitioners involved in the strategy, design, and implementation and on- goingsupport and delivery of business IT services and those interfacing with information systems who require an insight into Service Management best practice. This may include Business Analysts, Business Relationship Managers, Project and Programme staff.


  • Before taking the course it is recommended, though not required, that candidates have exposure to basic concepts in IT and related work experience of at least two years.
  • Delegates are required to hold the ITIL Foundation V3 Certificate in IT Service Management

Contingut del curs

Introduction to Service design:

  • The purpose, goals and objectives of service design
  • The scope of service design
  • The business value of service design activities
  • The context of service design in the ITIL service lifecycle
  • Service design inputs and outputs and the contents and use of the service design package and service acceptance criteria

Service design principles:

  • Design service solutions related to a customer’s needs
  • Design and utilize the service portfolio to enhance business value
  • The measurement systems and metrics
  • Service design models to accommodate different service solutions
  • Service design processes
  • The interaction of service design processes:
  • The flow of service design as it relates to the business and customer
  • The five design aspects and how they are incorporated into the service design process
  • Service design technology-related activities;
  • Requirements engineering in the design process and utilizing the three types of requirements as identified for any system; functional, management/operations and usability
  • The design of technical architectures for data and information management, and application management

Organising for service design:

  • How to design, implement and populate a RACI diagram for any process that is within the scope of IT service management
  • The service design roles and responsibilities, where and how they are used and how a service design organizationwould be structured to use these roles

Technology considerations:

  • Service design related service management tools, where and how they would be used
  • The benefits and types of tools that support service design

Implementation and improvement of service design:

  • The six-stage implementation/improvement cycle and how the activities in each stage of the cycle are applied
  • How business impact analysis, service level requirements and risk assessment can affect service design solutions
  • Challenges, critical sucess factors and risks
  • Be able to provide insight and guidance for design challenges, risks and critical success factors


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